Saturday, January 21, 2012

"And for once, it might be grand..."

Movie re-releases. Seems like a waste of money at first. Until you go and see them. Disney has a new thing where they are re-releasing big-name movies in theaters nationwide... in 3D. o_O Seems sweet. And after seeing Lion King twice and Beauty and the Beast once in theaters in the past few months, I can honestly say that it IS sweet. And worth the money.

There is something about sitting in front of a gigantic screen with a bunch of excited fanatics that just makes seeing a movie 10x more exciting. That time when I saw Spiderman 3 on opening night and some guy in the front row stood up at the MJ-Harry kiss and yelled "WHAT the hell are you doing?!" That time I went to see LotR 3 and the theater was PACKED full of excited fans. There are certain moments that stand out for me, and seeing movies are among them. Go see these movies in theaters. Though I may remember seeing the movie as a young girl, the experience as a whole changes your impressions. I find it so cool to see people my age, who were clearly small children at the time, juxtaposed with parents bringing their young kids, all of whom run eagerly into the theater.

Disney is an experience worth having throughout your entire life. And what they are doing is giving children a gift which I was fortunate enough to have, as well as giving me the gift of a new perspective. Go see the re-released films, it's worth it for not only the cool 3D effects, but the experience that a movie theater brings.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

There and Back Again X: o_O

So I realize I haven't really been keeping up with this quite like I said I would...oooooooops. In my defense, I'm a junior in college. Netflix takes priority obv. I'd really love to get writing again. When I'm home for the holiday break I plan on revamping this blog and getting it going. Maybe write a blurb about the rest of my road trip and talk about my trip to Disney! Among other things...

Till then,

Wish me luck on exams!!! Thanks for reading as always.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

There and Back Again 2: PVD to MSP to BZN- Day 1

Maybe it’s because I had such a rhythm with my school schedule. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have the time to let things sink in with the stress of finals (and oh, was there stress). Of course, it could have something to do with the fact that I haven’t slept for the past two and a half weeks. I have a hard time processing when I travel, though. I become so warpped up in anticipation and excitement that it seems like it’s never going to happen. Whatever the case, here I sit in Bozeman, Montana. Another day, another trip. Another chance to write.

(Flash forward 2 months: here I sit in my LIVING room in mid-August getting my lazy ass to finally continue writing! Go ahead and smite me, loyal follower(s), for I deserve as such. Nevertheless, I'm finally gettin' 'er done!)

For a person who has spent her life traipsing up and down the east coast (with brief stints elsewhere), this is a pretty big deal. At some point in your life, GO HERE. I’m telling you. This area of the country is worth seeing and spending the money over. I am 100% planning on coming back in the future.

The plan, conceived last summer, was to finish exams and go on this big road trip. We didn’t much have an idea of the specifics of the thing as much as the notion of “hey, we’re college kids with cars and a small amount of money, let’s do it.” So the year went on, I tore my hair out and dealt with lovely breakouts as I made my way through my second year at Boston U. It wasn’t pretty, but I earned some decent grades, and picked the elusive major (along with my cardboard box).

David goes to school at Montana State U. So Kaitlin and I flew out on the 15th, exactly one day after I was home for the summer. Needless to say, I was quite exhausted. However, it seems as of the gods were looking down on me in that respect. Although I did not want the following events to transpire, in some way I think that was someone’s way of telling me to get some flippin' sleep.

We get to Providence airport only to find out our plane, the first in a series of flights to Detroit (which was where we were to make a connection to Salt Lake) was diverted due to mechanical issues.

Instead, we stayed at the Sheraton, a 2-minute drive down the road, FO FREE. Kinda neat in the end too. Got 50 bucks for my future Delta flight to Australia, 12 bucks for the overly expensive Sheraton room service (delicious salad, crab cakes, and an “intense chocolate experience”, according to the menu). 8 hours of TV (two Matthew McConaughey movies), and 6 hours of sleep later, we were up at 3:45 AM and headed to the airport! 6:05 flight out of Providence to Minneapolis. One connection. I was psyched. I absolutely love flying now.

There was the expected gradient in landscape from the east coast to the Midwest coast. I’m an airplane stare-er. Assume the position! **plaster head to window** **commence drooling**

Farm Hootenanny

Our layover at MSP was longer than expected. After some strolling around, some excessive monorail riding, some food eating, and some Lost watching, we were off to Bozeman!

It had been a long day. Our plane landed around 1 PM, Mountain Time (hah! Mountain Time!). What was perhaps most notable was the extreme change in landscape from the Midwest to the west. No longer was the earth below an excess of farmland, but completely covered in mountains. The plane made its way into a valley surrounded by these mountains, and at that moment, when I noticed that we were so low that we couldn’t possibly go any further because we’d crash into said mountains, I realized that this is where my friend goes to school.

Sadly, no yeti was sited during this trip.

In all my excitement I must have sounded like a lunatic.  I couldn’t stop exclaiming. We were surrounded by snow-covered mountains. My first thought was something along the lines of the 5-mile drive it would take to reach the mountains. Turns out they are 25 miles away. This IS in fact drastically different than the east coast, though the neighborhoods aren’t much different looking than those back home on Cape. Still… there’s a pretty flippin’ huge contrast.

Owing to our new travel arrangements, we arrived in the early afternoon with time to go and explore. Albeit exhausted, we bummed around the MSU campus for a bit. As a city girl, I was jealous. Beautiful nature, and mountains every which way. Of course, I was seeing all of this whereas just a few weeks before it was completely covered in snow. All the same, the campus was scenic, and I enjoyed myself. There was one cool feature where we stood outside a building and anyone anywhere could go on the MSU website and see us featured on their webcam. I called my mom and she got a kick out of seeing us wave like idiots toward thin air.

MSU Campus

Our next stop was dinner at Montana Ale Works. SO delicious. Might I just say- onion rings with steak in the middle. Just for good measure, I got baked mac and cheese. Go ahead and be a little jealous. I should add that all the while, my foursquare check-ins were increasing at an alarming rate. Yes, I do realize this paragraph is completely unnecessary but so are toe socks, so there.

After this, we went hiking. This was one of the parts of the trip that I was most excited for. I don’t get to do this often. The place we hiked went a little like this:

 Now, don’t be fooled. It wasn’t easy for an athletic goddess such as myself[1]. Turns out the strenuous effect that the uphill portion of the hike had on me was mainly due to altitude[2]. I brought my camera, sans tripod (owing to the airline’s carry-on limit[3]), determined to get my first good shots on this trip. We made it to the M, which I was told was about 500-600 ft of a climb from the ground up. We were that PLUS 5,000 ft above sea level. See what I mean about the altitude?

The view. More excitement. This defines my mood during this trip, stemming from such causes as an artsy looking twig, a jagged rock, or even a beaver[4]:

The view from the M was, in a word, amazing. Righteous, for all you folks stuck in the 70s.

 The hike back down was fun (downhill + momentum = hilarious imagery). We first stopped at a cluster of large, jagged rocks, protruding from the side of the mountain. Did some climbin’. I was a little overzealous but quit while I was ahead/before my non-climbing New Balance sneakers sent me into oblivion. But nevertheless AH GOT DOWN WITH MY BADASS SELF.

Turns out we were hiking down right at sunset, I did an internal fist pump. I was also SO looking forward to the western sunsets[5]. We found an open plain area, and I walked over to a tree, sat, and was silent. It was breathtaking. A great start to the trip[6].

**one swirling vortex later**

So it's now August, and I'm sitting here writing. Not a COMPLETE fail, right? Right?? **bead of sweat** Day 1 done. And as I'm traveling again next week to Maine, CT, and Florida, it looks like I've got quite a bit of writing ahead of me.

As always, thank you for readin'! I really do love writing these.

Like most people, I've had a busy summer. I lived in Boston and was here and there all the live-long day. I was also recovering from the end of my childhood (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 film), which took up quite a bit of my time. I'm finally relaxing for a bit and gearing up for my 3rd year in college!! Note to all current high school students: Time flies.

Future entrees will most definitely be posted as soon as possible after and during the trips. Stay with me while I write my way into oblivion and post the rest of these, eh?

As I always say- traveling is new, fresh, and exciting, and I absolutely love writing something I'm passionate about.

Alright! Day 2[7]!


[1] For a full summary of my diet and exercise mantra, click the following link:
[2] For a full summary of common S. Gwizd excuses, see a representative.
[3] This time I’m actually telling the truth.
[4] Yep, a beaver.
[5] Insert foreshadowing vibe here/see next footnote.
[6] This would turn out to be the only sunset we would see for the majority of the trip.
[7] I owe you a drink or something for reading this far. Seriously, props.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Road Trip 2011

*muffled snore* *turns over and goes back to sleep*

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

There and Back Again 1.5: Almost there!!!

It is taking all of my energy and willpower to remind myself of the fact that I still have one exam left.

After 8 months, my sophomore year is over NOT over. Still have earth science on Saturday from 3-5: the coveted last slot for finals! And when I say it is taking all of my energy and willpower to remind myself that I have an exam, I MEAN it is taking all of my energy and willpower to remind myself that I have an exam. I can't help but be excited for all that this summer will bring. Even just saying goodbye to friends at college was not that sad, knowing that I will be seeing them throughout the summer season.

That being said, this summer I will be doing a lot of travel. I won't say it all here, because as stated previously, I have one exam left. I have to keep all of my excitement in the back of my brain in that tiny compartment of surreal things that will soon be reality but in the foreseeable future remain dreams (I'm sure you all know exactly what I mean when I say that). For instance, the beginning of my summer (one day after my  exam on Saturday) consists of this:

I'm hitting the open road! My friend David attends MSU and lives in Bozeman, Montana during the school year. Along with Kaitlin, who had cameos in previous blog entries, we will be driving a somewhat jagged looking line back to Cape Cod, making stops in Grand Teton National Park (which I am extremely excited to see), Mt. Rushmore, Cedar Point Amusement Park (my Travel Channel-watching self is geeking out about this), the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (I'll have to get my dad something cool here!), the Mall of America (my girlish self is geeking out about this), Niagara falls (wait for it...from Ontario!!), Scranton, PA (because who doesn't love the Office and/or want an excuse to drive through Scranton at some point in their life?), and other pretty awesome sights. As a person who has been to Wisconsin but otherwise never west of the EC, I'm pretty psyched. I'm taking my camera, my tripod, my video camera, and some good books and hitting the road, jack, for what looks to be an amazing trip. I cannot wait to see this part of America. 

And on that note, I restate: it is taking ALL of my energy not to jump up and down and scream out of excitement (a slight lie, as I'm falling asleep as I type this. It's been a long finals week so far.). 

While on that trip, I will be writing a LOT. Can you say no homework/nothing weighing down on me to get done during that time? Photos and writing for sure. 

This summer I will be in Boston for a portion of the time. My personal goals include but are in no way limited to:

-Improve in my photography and photo editing
-Not have a mental breakdown upon seeing the last Harry Potter film
-Improve this blog/get a decent handle on html/coding (I have another URL for this blog that I'm switching to at some point)

-And make a few small videos. Not really sure about this one. But I'm a film major, I've got a video camera (which will be with me while I'm north), I really enjoy editing videos/making them, so I'm going to strive for this.

And on that note, I hope all is well in the world, wherever those reading this reside. Good luck on exams, end of the school year stress, or whatever else is going on! May your future plans be exciting and bring you new things!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

There and Back Again: "A Hobbit's Tale"

So I had mentioned before that not all of this blog would be about the places I visit. Thanks to Megan, I came across this video today:

And this website:

I've known and been excited about The Hobbit for a long long time. But after I saw this video blog, I became much more excited. It seems as if a lot of elements from The Lord of the Rings films will be incorporated into this film. That sounds very obvious and like there should be no surprises there, but I've seen films that lack continuity in certain areas because of various reasons, change in directors being among the most prominent. Peter Jackson seems like he won't let much change happen, and in that respect I breathe a sigh of relief. I am a huge fan of his. I would be if I had just seen this video blog and didn't know anything else about him. From this blog alone you can tell that he truly cares about the fans and wants them to be included. He acknowledges the cult following that these films have created, and knows that there are diehard fans out there. In my opinion, his utter devotion to these stories makes him a stand-up director. 

As you probably can tell by the title of this blog, I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan. I always have been, and I always will. In fact, of the few things that I am certain I want to do in my life, going to New Zealand and touring around the filming locations for The Lord of the Rings (and now The Hobbit) is perhaps one of if not the biggest. In fact, one of my life's milestones occurred when Kaitlin and I went to The Lord of the Rings: The Exhibition, an exhibit that came to the Boston Museum of Science years and years ago. Not only was the exhibit itself awesome, but we were there on the day Sean Astin (who plays Samwise Gamgee, for all you non-dorks out there) was greeting fans and signing autographs. Unfortunately, we did not get to meet him directly, as the line was out the door for all eternity by the time we got there. However, he DID wave to us. And I will truly never forget that wave, or that day.

I have good feelings about this film. I only wish I didn't have to wait 3 years. But I know it will totally be worth it. I'll just have to be sure to wear an awesome costume and buy my midnight release ticket!

So random factoid of the day: Sam loves LotR! Always have, always will. And just for kicks, a quote to end the post:

Frodo: I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened. 
Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

And a funny/even more classic one:

Borimir: One does not simply walk into Mordor!

Again, thanks for reading, cheers!


Friday, April 8, 2011

There and Back Again 1: BOS to FLL

3 days, 2 piña coladas, and one very bad sunburn later, I present to you blog entry #2!

After a grueling two-week period back at school post-Cape Cod spring break (a hint of sarcasm), I was ready for another vacation. And what do you know? I was lucky enough to get one! This past weekend I packed up my bag and headed south to sunny Miami, FL. I am not sure how I managed to type 5 full pages worth of blog, but nevertheless, here it is.

So Thursday March 31, after a half-assed class (Let’s be honest, who would be able to concentrate??), I went back to my room to begin packing. I have to tell you, after a long and drawn-out winter, it sure feels good to pack nothing but shorts, t’s, tanks, bathing suits, and even a few sundresses- knowing that soon I’d rid myself entirely of my long pants and warm jacket. (Unfortunately, I did not pack sunscreen, an act that I would regret later.)

I had been really excited about this somewhat last-minute trip, not just because I was going to paradise and getting out of the cold weather, but because I was going to a place that I had never been to before in my life. I always become giddy when I go somewhere, but somewhere new took it to a whole new level. I was beyond excited for this trip. I had seen many an episode of Miami Vice (thanks to my parents), and while I was not expecting a drug-bust-shoot-out kind of deal while there, I had an idea of the setting to which I was traveling. Not to mention I have been to many other places in Florida throughout my life. I’m a big fan.

My long-term best friend Kaitlin showed up, after many a phone conversation spent squealing in excitement (I was invited on this trip with Kaitlin and her family). She ended up driving from Wesleyan to pick me up at Boston University, where we both respectively attend school (Fun fact o’ the day: she’s studying biology and economics and planning to go to med school!). Our first official act to christen this trip was, in true Kaitlin-Sam form, Bertucci’s (A lovely Italian chain of restaurants, for those of you who do not know), where we got a laugh from our waiter who seemed to either find us amusing or incredibly attractive (I think both, of course). Forgive me in advance for devoting a chunk of this entry to this one meal (But really, it’s Berticci’s, it’s totally understandable.) We learned from this guy that a good way to eat the bread and butter you are given at restaurants is to drop the butter packet into a small cup filled with hot water, which he so enthusiastically brought us. Needless to say, we were pretty excited. We had received a hugely vital piece of information for our future lives. The excitement was heightened even more-so when I realized I had $12.00 worth of Christmas-scratch-tickets to redeem. Needless to say, the trip was already off to a good start by the mere facts that I had just spent $20.00 on a feta cheese and chicken pizza, topped off with some sort of goat cheese dip concoction, and then proceeded to get the majority of the money back through the lottery. Being over 18 has its perks, folks! All of this stuff doesn’t really fit in with the purpose of this blog/entry, but A) I’m not one for sticking to rules, B) My head is always in the clouds, so random anecdotes will be a theme of my writing, and C) These seemingly small instances all added up to start off the trip on a really good note. As I progress in writing these, I don’t think I’ll be worrying too much about condensing my writing. After all, this isn’t meant to be tailored for a specific person. It’s me and my voice. And if there is one thing that you should know about me, it’s that I talk. A lot. I love good conversation, and do my best to write in the same exact voice as I speak. Because after all, what’s the use in changing who you are to please people? (If only my English professors felt the same way…)

Nevertheless, I should probably stop rambling about the lunch we had (Still drooling…) and talk about the actual trip. Our flight was at 4:35, and we made it to Logan International Airport a little after three. After a half an hour’s time spent searching for a parking spot and futilely navigating the parking garage (Which I am pretty sure someone designed while on some form of mind-altering drug, as we were not ever able to find the “up” ramp), we began brusquely walking to meet up with Kaitlin’s parents, who had driven up from our hometown on Cape Cod. I never understood the qualms people had with this airport, as every travel experience I have had with it has been relatively pleasant. The only thing is that I always seem to pack my things in the manner that makes my two-second journey through security a free-for-all. We were flying Jet Blue, which, in my two times flying with the Zelmans thus far, we have flown. They are big fans, and I don’t blame them. TONS of “legroom”! The plane was delayed something like forty five minutes. Eventually we made it on. I had just enough time to look out the window and see the impending storm and subsequently receive about five different text messages yelling at me in jealousy for leaving everyone in Boston with snow before we were off.

Flight was fine, overall. I would say one of the more turbulent ones I’ve been on, but it got is from point A to point B. I am quite proud of myself. For a chunk of my life I suffered from an intense fear of flying (Not helped by my addiction to the television show Lost). On this plane ride, which was ironically one of the most turbulent flights I have ever been on, I was just fine. I had True Grit  to entertain me (A huge recommendation by me, have yet to see the original but fully plan on it so I can compare the two.), and my perpetual love of mindless staring out of windows. The one complaint I had was my inability to see the sunset from the air because of the weather. I was so looking forward to snapping a few sunset photos. In the long run I did manage to get a few cool ones, though.

After a somewhat excessive plane ride (I neglected basic geography and forgot that hey, Miami is further south than Disney World!) of about three and a half hours, we landed in Ft. Lauderdale –Hollywood International Airport. I will always love that feeling of leaving a cold place for a warm one, because there is something so cool about stepping onto the Jetway and feeling the unexpected rush of warm air against your body (In this case your long-pants and flannel shirt covered body- representing the North!) We rented a car, and were off to South Beach.

As it was nighttime, I was not expecting to get much of a feel for the city, but I was proven somewhat wrong. After a trip over the scenic Julia Tuttle Causeway which provided us with a beautiful panoramic view of Miami at night (SUCH a huge city!!), we went down some side roads to get to our hotel that gave an adequate preview of the city. The streets were bustling with people going out, (and also with girls who seemed to take the idea of short shorts to a whole new level). By the time we made it to the hotel, I had gotten a small feel for the rich diversity of the area, and also scoped out a touristy shop that Kaitlin and I wanted to (and eventually did) hit.

We did not know that our hotel was an invisible one. That is to say, we passed right by it. When we found it by the street number, we all laughed because the sign was about a one foot by one foot plaque.

The hotel was absolutely beautiful. We stayed at The Setai, which I had previously heard was beautiful. Of course, you can never go off of what you hear until you actually experience it, I’ve definitely learned that in my lifetime. The hotel was absolutely breathtaking in itself. It definitely had that “zen” feeling of a resort in paradise. It sort of reminded me of the place I had stayed in Atlantis and the place I stayed last summer on a trip with Kaitlin to see a Tanglewood concert in Western Mass. It had an artsy feel, as well. There was many a limbless statue spotted. I don’t understand certain forms of art, but I went with it.

The people who worked there were warm and friendly from the start. Of course, I remembered that I was in Miami, and I wanted to pull out my Spanish language knowledge that I had acquired over the past eight years, but I also did not want to stereotype by assuming that certain workers knew the language, so I did not. Even though it does not seem like something that should be an intense internal debate, I am far too paranoid and always overly conscious about insulting people.

Entering the apartment-style-room was, for lack of a better phrasing of any sort, really freakin’ cool! And of course, it is worth mentioning the complementary truffles that greeted us when we walked in. There were a lot of things that we got a kick out of. I tend to be highly amused and amazed by small things, so I went a little crazy. This was definitely a room fit to fuel my need for intense relaxation. After running around a little bit (ok, a lot), and exclaiming over certain things (There was a bidet in one of the bathrooms which Kaitlin and I shamelessly “wiki-how’d” how to use later that night. No, we did not use it. But all the same, it was tempting.), I made it to the balcony, where it pretty much took my breath away. To the right was the entirety of the city of Miami, to the left- South Beach (Which wasn’t visible by night, mind you. All I was able to see was the flashing of the distant boats. The rest was an abyss. Needless to say, I was quite excited for the morning). I immediately took out my camera and used my knowledge of photographing the Boston city-scape at night a few times toward the Miami city-scape. I should add that my butt is quite sore from kicking myself because I neglected to bring my tripod. I told myself over and over again that that was the one thing I had really wanted to bring. I might have gotten some better-quality city-scape photos, who knows. but I’m very content with what I was able to capture, and can officially say that I see an improvement starting in my photography.

After conversing with Kaitlin and her parents for awhile longer, I conked out in what can be deemed one of the more comfortable beds I’ve been in (I’ll always have a soft spot for my creaky, 30 year old bed waiting for me in Marstons Mills).

Kaitlin and I are up and goers. That is to say, we do not like sleeping in on vacations. So the next morning at around 8:45, Kaitlin got up and told me the time, and I, in turn, bolted upright. Time to get up! The first thing I did was to look outside and see the view in the daytime. Sparkling blue water and a beautiful skyline met my eyes. And also a gigantic rainbow!! I loved it. I was in paradise.

The view to the left!
The view to the right!

The weather that first full day (Friday, April 2) was somewhat cloudy. It was actually fortunate that we chose to do homework for a few hours in the morning, as there were a number of scattered thunderstorms. I love rain, though. There really is something to be said for the way it manages to both calm and inspire me. And I didn’t mind doing homework on that balcony. Her parents awoke, and got ready. The main reason that this trip was happening was because her dad wanted to go to the Sony-Ericsson Tennis Tournament. While he did that, her mom, Kaitlin, and I hit the beach- a grueling 500 feet walk from our hotel.  

I’m not the biggest beach person (ironic, seeing as I live on Cape Cod), but I was loving this. That's not to say I don't love the beach. Because I do. I guess I just gage myself against other Cape Codders, who are hardcore beachgoers. The water became more and more beautiful as we got closer. We sat down in what could possibly be the most comfortable beach chair ever, and were relaxing. After some laying, some WONDERFUL swimming, some eating, and some sun burning, we were satisfied. I got my piña colada, and that was really enough for me. There were a few instances where we were stalked by what seemed to be an army’s worth of seagulls, but was really probably about twenty-five. This was a little disconcerting, as it was not my goal to be pooped on while in Miami, but we made it through clean! I would also note that I saw many a plane landing from up-close, as the airport is nearby. It was really cool! Even just people-watching was fun. There are so many different types of people, as with any tourist-y place, but here in particular. I heard a great number of accents pass me by.

Dorky reflection picture of yours truly!

Kaitlin (left) and myself (right) at South Beach in front of the Atlantic!

Around 5:30, Kaitlin and I headed back to the room to change and go for a much-needed run. I had not run in about a week, and was really feeling the physical as well as the mental withdraw of no physical activity whatsoever. Luckily, there was a convenient walk-way that ran alongside the length of the coast. In the words of Glen Frey: “The heat is on”, but it wasn’t as on as earlier. While running, we got many a cat-call from some residents along the way, and I got some good impressions of the South Beach area and its architecture (I have never been to Hollywood, but the Hollywood Studios in the Orlando Disney World was definitely reflected in these buildings- something that greatly amused Kaitlin and I.). When we got back, I was huffing and puffing. It is no easy feat, running 3 + miles in the Florida heat and humidity after sitting on your butt for a few weeks. I really loved seeing some more of the South Beach area, though, so that was worth the pain to me.

After showers (In the world’s most amazing shower- my first experience with an overhead nozzle, yeah, I did not want to get out, and I took three showers total this day), we went into the town to walk around before we were due to meet Kaitlin’s parents for dinner. We did not quite fit with the implied dress code of five-inch heels and tight dresses, but I’ve never been one for heels, anyways. I cannot walk in them to save my life. Put me on a rickety bridge over an active volcano and I’m a goner.

We had time to go to the one touristy store that we had spotted the night before before we met, where I snagged a “I’m on a Boat” t-shirt with Andy Samberg’s silhouette (FTW!) and a Miami Vice t shirt for my dad for his birthday. We then walked towards the restaurant, and met up with Kaitlin’s parents.

The restaurant was called The Grill Fish. Unfortunately, at the time I had developed quite the stomachache. Nevertheless, the macaroni and cheese that I so cautiously ordered was quite delicious. And I had some bites of “stake on a stick”, as Kaitlin so accurately dubbed it. After the meal, we were all plum tuckered, so we returned home, and I hit the hay (After a minor battle with my stomach of which I won.).

I awoke before everyone else the next day, and got to do some homework. We had a relaxing breakfast in the room, and then made our way to the pool. This was a nice excursion. Kaitlin, her dad, and I also went to the beach again for a quick dip. I should add that it is quite interesting to me when I discover a beach allows lack of clothes. I guess this is what other places are like that I have yet to discover. Then again, I’ve never been one for nude beaches. How to make small talk with people you don’t know is anybody’s guess.

The sky was crystal clear for this day of relaxation. I got my virgin piña colada, yet again. I also tried a taste of the alcoholic version. Now, I’m not a liquor person to begin with. I enjoy the taste of beer and even wine, but I’ve never understood people’s preference for the taste of liquor. Maybe it’s an acquired one? I don’t know. I did indeed prefer the non-alcoholic version, and that case was closed. “If you like piña coladas…” –Yep.

After extensive relaxing under the sun (Much needed after this long, cold, and dark winter), Kaitlin, her dad, and I went on a run along the boardwalk, which went pretty well (Most definitely better than the night before.) The dinner that night was at a lovely restaurant called “The Blue Door Fish”. The cool thing about this place is that it supposedly was designed to emulate the Alice in Wonderland story with the oversized furniture, which I definitely did not connect at first when I walked in and stared confusedly at the 10 ft. tall couch. The salmon that I ordered was quite delicious. Once again, my exhausted and sunburnt self hit the hay not long after we returned home, but not before I managed to prop my camera up on a patio table and get some pretty cool shots of the night city-scape (When in doubt, search for another stationary object in the near vicinity to put your camera on!).

Miami City Scape

And here we are! Sunday April 3 at 9:30 am and I am sitting here writing. Our flight is at West Palm Beach Airport at 1:50. This was a wonderful trip, and much needed, and I’m sure I will be back here sometime very soon to see that sunrise. I will certainly miss this place. There is something about crystal blue water that always gets me. Miami is very different than other plces I’ve been before, and in my quest to visit all of Florida, it differs extremely from Orlando, Cape Canaveral, the Pan Handle, and Tampa (and whatever places I’m forgetting). I still have a lot I want to see in Florida, and I as I am only twenty years old, I think I’ll be back here a good amount of times in my life. I still have to go to the Everglades, after all! Miami is a place definitely worth seeing in your lifetime- the view from our room, alone, summed it up, a paradise and a city all in one. Of course, I can’t even begin to thank the Zelman’s, who are 2nd parents to me and always will be.

For now, it’s time to return to Boston. Where the weather is finally reaching the 50’s and the Sox are returning home. It sure isn’t Miami, Florida, but I’ll take it! One month left of classes until I’m a junior in college- time goes faster and faster with each passing day.

I can’t believe I had five pages worth of thoughts. What in the world does this mean for longer trips? You’ve probably deduced that I’m not one for narrowing things down. I’ve always been wordy, which is what brings me down constantly in college-level English. This blog is meant for anything and everything. I’m trying to focus it on trips, however big or small. However, other topics will most likely be making their way in every now and then. I could get used to travel writing. It's kind of addicting! This describes in detail my trip to Miami, Florida from Thursday March 31 to Sunday August 3, 2011. Definitely dubbed a weekend of relaxation with plenty of laughs between the 4 of us. And also a weekend of breathtaking views. Nothing like that first moment of the year when you walk out of the house wearing flip-flops. 

(For reading this, I probably owe you a drink someday or something…)

Edit: Congrats to the Red Sox on their first win of the season, win against the Yanks, and first home opener- all in one! 9-6!
Edit edit: I swear I will get better at this "html" business eventually. I'm actually going to switch websites soon, I think. But that's for when I have time to figure it out!